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Lot Clearing

Rough Grades

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All types of Construction Clean-Up

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Lot Clearing


Fast, efficient, and safe delivery of your natural material needs.

Need dirt?

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Give us a call and we’ll deliver it right to your doorstep. Have a truckload of trash or scrap materials you need hauled away? We can do that too!


Variety of excavating services and perform all of these with precision. Our portfolio of work includes:

• Ditch clean up/create

• Land clearing

• Pond Installations

• Tiling

• Foundations

• Duck/Goose pit installations

• Creating roadways/levee’s

Rough Grades

The Rough Grade is the base and first step toward turf establishment. Setting the proper grade and drainage is vital to prevent water damage to your yard and home. Our grading equipment and laser technology help achieve proper shaping which may involve additional topsoil–We supply rich, sifted soil for best results. Our top priority is proper drainage on our rough grades, taking extra care to make sure that all our grades are correct and up to city code. When a rough grade is not shaped properly, serious drainage problems can occur. Improper drainage can cause flooding in road ditches; and also cause standing water in your yard, destroying the turf. Around a foundation, it can cause water to seep into the house. We can correct drainage on already established yards and new construction sites to help keep a dry basement and protect your home and yard from water damage.

All Types of Construction Clean Up (i.e. Sheet Rock)

We can haul away your landscape debris and leftovers when your project is complete.


Final Grades

The Finish Grade is the foundational manicure of every fine lawn. It provides the final shaping and prepares the seed bed or sod base for completion. Before finish grading can begin, the rough grade must be set within 1” of the final grade, and proper drainage established. Our finish grading equipment is designed to remove extra rock and debris from the seedbed while pulverizing the soil, creating a smooth finish. We take great pride in achieving the best finish grade possible.

Cut Slate Work

Top Soil

A Safe And Healthy Work Environment Is Our Priority.

Our Commitment to Safety

Our team strives each day to provide our customers with top of the line installations while maintaining injury-free environments.

CSL Site Services and Excavation never allows safety and production to conflict with each other; we look for ways that they can overlap and blend to enhance our current methods. Our safety programs and procedures have been put in place to keep our employees safe while continually moving forward with our projects.

A Grade above the Rest

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